Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My First Customer

I joined this site just two days ago..
the site fiverr
In just a couple of hours of joining,
I got a customer from USA named Chris RW.. He liked so much the sample I posted on the site.

Our conversations...the other day.

“Your work is very nice, and so I may trust you with my wife's Christmas present! Please tell me in you are uncomfortable illustrating her and my dogs. What I am looking for is a funny cartoon of my wife with our two schnauzers. I will provide you pics of all three, and then I would like them drawn into a funny cartoon of some sort.

I told him the price for the simple cartoon drawing ..and replied  me..

“$15 is great! What sort of funny cartoon do you imagine drawing with the the of them? Need ideas? Thanks! !!

I did the sketch with my imagination in just a couple of minutes.. uploaded to message area of the fiverr.. And answered me back..

“What an EXCELLENT first draft! I would like a few changes, and I really look forward to your next draft. I can see that I am going to be spending some money with you - you are very talented!

1. I love the idea of her walking the dogs. To better reflect their personalities, I think it would be great to have her walking them with the larger of the two dogs in a pose with his nose in the air and wearing a crown (like a king). He is very "regal" and acts like a very proper king, so that would fit him.

2. The smaller dog should be uriniating on a fire hydrant with his leg hiked up. He should also be wearing a crown, but his should be tipped and almost falling off (he's much more playful and doesn't take himself so seriously).

3. If you draw clothes on the dogs, the clothes should be something like a royal cape for the bigger dog and propbably no clothes for the smaller dog (except the crown).

4. Both dogs should be drawn a little smaller in relation to my wife, and both are a bit thinner and skinnier than they are drawn in the first draft.

This is truly exciting! You are so talented - THANK YOU!

I did the revisions,..again in just an hour of revisions, here’s the result..uploaded again to message area

“Hi and thanks! We're getting closer! I think you may have misunderstood me as i wanted him urinating on a fire hydrant. .. not a fire place. Lol. Also. .. the larger dog should have larger eyebrows and a longer beard and mustache... otherwise it's perfect. I'm happy to pay $50 for the final product:”

I answered him back..

Hope I got this now..Is this ok? And thanks for the additional price..If you will approve this now definitely , I can give you finish product earlier tomorrow or tonight.

Thanks in advance Chris,

“I really look forward to receiving the full color version when you have it ready. I am going to recommend you to all my friends as well. I have been showing your sketches around at my office, and people are asking me for your contact information on Fiver! Thanks again!


Just last night I did the final coloring..( I slept at 2 A.M ) and wake up at 8: A.M. today..

His comment:

Hello Imanny! Thanks for the color image! Unfortunately, the color version has a few issues. I know that you can fix them!

This is a surprise Christmas present for my wife (the woman in the drawing), and so I want to get it right. I plan to frame it for her and give it to her on Christmas morning.

#1 issue: The dogs are schnauzers, but in the color version, they just don't look like my schnauzers. I am attaching two water-color prints that I recently had done of each dog, and I am hopeful that you can make them look more like they appear in these prints. The larger dog is Toby, and the one peeing on the hydrant is Bentley.

#2 issue: My wife is a very beautiful woman, and I think the drawing of her needs a few changes. Her nose is smaller than the drawing, and she has long eyelashes. Her eyes should be slightly smaller. My wife is very small at the waist and very "endowed" up top. I would draw her with much smaller hips. Lastly, her lips are a little more feminine and "luscious" and I would like to see them drawn with more red.

I hope all of this makes sense! I am attaching a number of photos to help guide you.

Thank you!

So disappointed.. the images he gave me from other artist, is realistic one done in water color....

But still I’m planning to doing it ( not today..come on... maybe next day.. I have to focus on my other deadlines worth $100 ) I'll follow the new images he sent and to satisfy him..I know this is not the proposal he let me to do in the first place doing cartoons, right?

Tonight ( Nov.25, 9:27 P.M.) He emailed me again..Pls. continue Reading...

"I know you have had to make several revisions, but your work is very good, and I am very happy that you are revising as necessary to make sure that I am satisfied. I will be sure to leave you a very positive review, and I will also be sending my friends to you for more business! Chris"

And I did what he requested..

This morning... at 8:30 A.M. Really surprised me again of his comment..

Wow...soooooo much better! Just make my wife and the smaller dog smile, and we're done! I can pay your invoice as soon as you send it! Thanks!!!!


He really interested finishing his project to give his wife a surprise this Christmas.

To satisfy him, to what I've said before I want to make him happy too..because this is my first customer and his positive feedback will help me grow this business and also I enjoy doing it... so patience must be the first reaction in my part and TRUST.

So stay tuned for the final result of this transaction..

Nov 27 10:P.M.

Finally after the long process.. He approved it this evening!!

This is great! I'll send invoice in the morning! Thank you! !!!


End of the Deal!....Perfect!

How about you what is your comment of this process? 
Let me know your thought..

Do you want to cartoon your pet with this style?

Contact me,..and let’s talk. 

If you are an artist and want expose your talent to fiverr, just join for FREE!

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