Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My First Customer

I joined this site just two days ago..
the site fiverr
In just a couple of hours of joining,
I got a customer from USA named Chris RW.. He liked so much the sample I posted on the site.

Our conversations...the other day.

“Your work is very nice, and so I may trust you with my wife's Christmas present! Please tell me in you are uncomfortable illustrating her and my dogs. What I am looking for is a funny cartoon of my wife with our two schnauzers. I will provide you pics of all three, and then I would like them drawn into a funny cartoon of some sort.

I told him the price for the simple cartoon drawing ..and replied  me..

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dog Chewing Grass

Dog chewing grass
Are your dogs like this? Chewing grass?  Is this a problem? I don’t think so..
My dog crops grass like a cow. He eats it with gusto whenever he found some, to the extent that my friends have begun calling him, The Ruminant’.
His habit doesn’t bother me at all, since it seems to have no ill-effects on him whatsoever - although, when I’m standing outside in the cold waiting for him to relieve himself during one of his infrequent small-hours toilet calls (normally his timing is much more considerate), it’s hard not to hop impatiently from foot to foot while he enthusiastically tears out the mandatory five to seven mouthfuls of grass, chews thoroughly, and swallows, instead of just getting on with the task at hand.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dog Can Talk?

YES!!! you can hear it... Mishka is a talking Dog!

This is really fun..

Watch her..

Mishka is really amazing Dog!!

How about your Dog? Are they talking too like Mishka?

The owner of Mishka really have time to train her...perhaps!
How can you train dog talking like this?
Maybe this is the answer...

Try This Too!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Have Fun with your Dogs

If you are a dog lover then probably you are aware of the fact that not all dogs born equal. 
This means that while other types of dog lead, others just seem to gladly follow instructions or commands from their masters. In relation to this, not all dogs are known to respond perfectly the same when it comes to dog training sessions.

A lot of individuals love dogs, but are afraid of owning one. In this article, we go over some of the challenges faced in dog training, and why it isn't as difficult as it seems.